About Us

About Us

Hello, welcome to our blog. We are twins in the twelfth grade and are thrilled to share our love of books with you. High school is a lot of fun even though it is a lot of hard work. Maci plays the trombone and Zoe plays the trumpet in our school Marching Band. When we are not reading, doing homework, or practicing music we like to go on adventures with our Girl Scout troop.

Our favorite thing to do is reading. We read every chance we get. Our favorite genres are Historical Fiction and Realistic Fiction. We love making connections through our books, which makes biographies and history books fun as well. We also like the challenge of Non-Fiction books that are long and boring. We will read almost anything that is handed to us.

Since we are twins, many people have trouble telling us apart, hopefully while you read our reviews and learn our taste in books you will (have fun figuring out our different tastes and styles in reading a writing) also get to know us individually as well.

If you buy any books through our site, we get a little money, which goes to our college fund – thank you.

You can follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/maciandzoe or on Twitter at @maciandzoe – we will post links for all of our new posts there.

Happy reading, we are so excited you have found us.

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