Anger Is a Gift by Mark Oshiro

Anger Is a Gift  by Mark Oshiro

This book is everything. I am having a hard time writing a review for it because it was just so good. I loved all of the characters, the plot, the setting, EVERYTHING about this book was wonderful to read. This book took on some very heavy topics but handled everything beautifully, the school protests, prison schools, police shootings and first love where all meshed together into a realistic and heartbreaking story. Moss was the perfect main character and I loved getting to watch him grow. I am so sad that I have finished it and have to say good bye to him because I love his friend group and I love his humble demeanor and his openness to everything. Moss’ father was killed in a police shooting, it was an accident, the police were in the wrong place, but that didn’t stop them from shooting his father. Now everyday Moss has to live with the consequences. One of my favorite parts about this book is Moss’ relationship with his mom. Moss’ mother, Wanda, is a strong women who has a past in activism and working to better the community. Moss and Wanda are a force to be reckoned with and  I love how they do not keep anything from each other and their honesty is their strength, their emotions are their strength with each other. I find that YA books rarely portray this type of relationship and so I really enjoyed reading about it. It is so important to me to see that honesty and anger can go together, they can enhance each other and they bring out the best in someone.

When Moss’ school is continually turned into a prison and the police become more and more aggressive towards students, they cannot be silent anymore. Moss grows a lot and learns to find his voice. After his father died, he became famous for being the son of a dead man, this took away some of his identity until he learns how to use this to help his friends. Everyday we see people standing up to injustice and fighting back against the Trump Administration. Moss shows what it is like to learn how to resist and to learn how to stand up. We all don’t know what it looks like, and Moss’ journey shows us this discovery and learning curve. To sum up, this book should be read by everyone. Everyone I know is angry right now and Moss shows us how to deal with loss and love and most importantly, anger.