Black Dove, White Raven by Elizabeth Wein

Black Dove, White Raven  by Elizabeth Wein

At first I was only reading this book because I loved the other books by this author. That seemed to be the only reason I continued to read it, until it was almost over. At that point, it got really good. This book is written in the same style as Elizabeth Wein’s other books, were it is looking back and so everything is catching up to the narrator. This book is about Em and Teo, their skin might not be the same color, but that does not matter to them, but everybody else seems to care. So when a tragic accident occurs to Teo’s mom, Em and her mom take him in. They then move to Ethiopia to fulfill Teo’s mom’s last dream. In Ethiopia they know that Teo will not be looked down upon due to the color of his skin. But there are other problems starting to arise. As this book takes place in 1930’s, it is right when Mussolini is trying to colonize Ethiopia. This book talks about wars and events that are not well known, but still just as important. One reason I did not initially like the book was because I was not interested in the topic and the historical time period, but the further in the book I got the more I realized how these historical events are just as important as a well known one, such as World War II. It also deals with slavery. I would recommend this book to any history fan. I give this book four stars because at first it is slow and hard to get into but the ending was really great and by then I was pulled in. The ending was very conclusive and I feel as if I came away from this book with a really neat understanding that I did not have before. This book also gives perspective to some of the events that led up to World War II. This book covers really neat historical topics that more people need to know about.


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