Books Where My Opinion Changed Over Time

Books Where My Opinion Changed Over Time

A lot of books often stick in my mind after I read them, oftentimes I still have the same impression from them. But for some books my initial impression changes, sometimes I like the book more and sometimes I like it less. Here are some of those books.

History is All You Left Me
When I first read this book I didn’t really enjoy it, it was incredibly sad and the main character’s decisions sometimes frustrated me. But I have not stopped thinking about it since I read it a few years ago and have started to recommend it to people. This makes me want to read Adam Silvera’s new book, They Both Die at The End and give his books another chance.

Kids of Appetite
I did not enjoy reading this book and it was really slow to read and understand. But I have also not been able to stop thinking about it as I understand the characters more and more as time goes on. I wish that I had read it with a group of people so that I could discuss the characters and their different motivations. I still don’t love it but I am starting to understand it more.

The Raven Boys
I know I have said this before but I really did not enjoy the first book and it took me 2 years to decide to read the second book. But I eventually decided to keep reading because I could not stop thinking about the characters. And it was worth it. The Raven Cycle series is now one of my favorites and I have started to branch out and read more of Maggie Stievfator’s work.

Throne of Glass
I first loved this book when I read it. But as the series has continued I grew to dislike it more and more and eventually I don’t really want to read the last book. It was good in the moment but it did not last and I find myself no longer recommending this book as well as finding other people who also do not like this series.

The Hunger Games
I read this in middle school and liked it. It was fun to like a book with a group of other people. But as I have read more and more I like it less and less. I feel like The Hunger Games was loved so much because it was one of the first YA books out there. And it is a good book but it is not as fantastic as it is made out to be.

The Darkest Minds
This is a book that I have grown to love more and more after I have finished it. I thought it was good when I read it, but I didn’t think it was fantastic. But after waiting a year and reading the rest of the series I realize how much I loved it and I really miss the characters. It took me awhile but I eventually realized it was like no other book I had read before and it is now one of the first books I recommend to people.

City of Bones
I have lots of mixed feelings about this book. I was absolutely obsessed with this book when I was in middle school and the first few years of high school. But as the series went on I started to get more and more annoyed by the characters and the plot of the book. It got too complicated and the characters never grew out of their annoying traits. When I read the prequel series Infernal Devices I loved those more than City of Bones, so it just made me more annoyed at the characters then before. I still love the first few books of the series but I no longer love the rest of the series.

Red Queen
I went through a lot of phases with this book. I read the first book and did not like it very much after I finished it. But I also could not stop thinking about it so when I had a lot of free time I decided to try the second book. And I loved it. The characters that had previously annoyed me started to grow up. And there was lots of great plot twists. I now love this series and can’t wait for the last book of the series to come out.