The Color Purple by Alice Walker

The Color Purple  by Alice Walker

I had to read this for school, but I was instantly pulled in from the first page. This is also unlike other school books that I have read as it is not careful in its language and realistically depicts abuse, making it definitely for high school level readers. The whole book is very sad, but enthralling, I was never able to put it down. I can only describe it as sad and appalling, the type of appalling that you can not stop staring at. At the same time, I really enjoyed it as it did a good job on presenting the different roles and views of women and showing how stuck society makes everyone, not just women, but men in their stereotypical roles. This is definitely something to read with a book club or class as it needs discussion. I especially like the contrast between the different characters and I look forward to looking at it more in depth. It is a really fast read. I would recommend this to anyone looking for commentary on gender roles, just be ready for some graphic material.


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