The Death of Ivan Ilyich by Leo Tolstoy

The Death of Ivan Ilyich  by Leo Tolstoy

I read this book for school and am really glad that I was made to read it. I have always wondered  how people read books and knew that it was “literature” versus just another story. This is one of those books. I could have just read it and seen a story about a man who dies and his process of accepting death, or I could read it through the lens of existentialism which gave it a lot of depth and taught a lesson about death. That being said I really enjoyed reading the message and story of this book. There were lots of moments when I was reading that I had to put it down and just sit there thinking. This is one of the ultimate existentialist pieces of literature and even though it is not a very existentialists thing to say, I really enjoyed the book and it allowed me to escape the suffering of the world through it. Tolstoy is trying to show a solution to escape the suffering that is human existence, but he also creates an escape for the world. I do not typically enjoy my books for school in this way, but this one was different. When I had to go back to it to look up quotes for an essay I was writing about it, I remember how much I enjoyed reading it and it made me want to reread the story.


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