The Evaporation of Sofi Snow (The Evaporation of Sofi Snow #1) by Mary Weber

The Evaporation of Sofi Snow (The Evaporation of Sofi Snow #1)  by Mary Weber

I feel very conflicted about this book. On one hand, with lots of reading time I struggled to pick it up and be able to commit hours to it, on the other hand the ending was thrilling, suspenseful and impossible to put down. I have read other books by Mary Weber, and I have liked those in the past, but I can tell in these books that her writing style has matured since her Storm Siren series. This book covers lots of topics such as elitism and human trafficking all while maintaining a dystopian science fiction type storyline. Sofi Snow has been hurt by too many people to keep trusting anyone. She lives in a world where the only people that die are the ones that cannot afford healthcare. This new world of amazing technology is brought to earth by the Delonese. They are aliens who came from far away and have decided to become allies with the humans. They provide technology and resources that the humans could never match, all for letting them stay in orbit. Many think this exchange is mutual, while others are suspicious of the Delonese and believe they are there to colonize earth. The only people Sofi Snow knows she can trust is her brother and her fellow gamers. Even her mother cannot be trusted. When an explosion goes off at the FanFights, where Sofi and her fellow gamers are fighting in a virtual reality fighting game, Sofi learns that however messed up her life seems, it can still get worse. I like Sofi as a character, she was not shallow, she was not perfect either and she was confident. This mixed with an undying love for her brother makes her relatable to a lot of people. I guess this could technically be called a love story, but not a romantic one.  Sofi’s love for her brother drives the story, and I like how her love makes her strong and drives her forward. I especially appreciate how it does not have to be a romantic type of love that drives the plot forward, as there are many different types of love. I liked the premise and the story, but despite this, I had a few issues with the plot. It felt jumpy and often the reader seems to be a step behind the characters. The execution of the story was hard to follow and took away some of the potential of the story.  It was not until the very end of the book, that it became impossible to put down. Once it hit the point of no return the ending arrived very soon and felt abrupt. I was at first confused and starting looking for more chapters. But alas, it was just a cliff hanger, which is good enough to insure that I read the next one.


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