Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone

Every Last Word  by Tamara Ireland Stone

This is the first time in a long time, when I felt that I could really relate to my book. I really enjoyed it even though I thought it would be just another popular girl clique book. But it was not, it was about coming into yourself and finding the right group of friends. In this book Sam is part of the popular group at high school, but for a very long time, she has not felt comfortable with her friends and does not feel like a part of the group. This is highlight by the fact that she is hiding from her friends that she has OCD. In this book, Sam discovers a new part to her school and a new group of people that accept her for who she is. They are also the ones who introduce her to poetry. I found myself rushing to find a minute of reading time to just get one more page in, there is just something about it that drew me in. When it was over I was sad but content and it inspired me to change some of the things I do. It was really cool when about a week later I was able to go behind the stage of my high school theatre, when I did, I was searching for a hidden door… Throughout the book even though I found it very interesting and relatable, I continued to wonder where the plot would go. It seemed like everything was resolving yet there was a good chunk of the book left. But little did I know there would be quite a twist at the end. The ending was satisfying yet left it open for more, because this is more of a glimpse into a life then a narrative. I would recommend this as a good coming of age or entering high school book. I am giving this four stars because I really enjoyed reading it and it was the first book in a long time that I could really relate too, but I felt that the plot was a little simple and did not have very far to go.


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