Feed by M.T. Anderson

Feed  by M.T. Anderson

I chose to read this because I was trying to diversify what I am reading. I had low expectations for this book and it definitely exceeded them, but not get quiet up to “loving” this book. At first it seemed to be a mash of Legend by Marie Lu and Uglies by Scott Westerfeld, but the more I read the more this book seemed to be a mash of Starters by Lissa Price and Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. I had some trouble getting invested in this book, but that probably has to do with the fact that this is not a world you want to immerse yourself and life in. Nobody would want to say, “I want to go live there and use their technology” in the same way we all say “I want to go to Hogwarts!”. So with that in mind, it made it very hard to get invested. This book is when commercialism is taken too far. It also has a little twist of romance, which I thought was not annoying. It also took some time to get used to the slang that they used. I really appreciate this book showing commercialism taken too far, because even today it upsets me how commercialized everything already is. This would could be easily compared to the world in the Lorax movie. I would recommend this as a book club book, it has a lot of great meaning and symbolism. I really liked the ending, it was really great with lots of depth. As a whole the book was satisfying and predictable. I am giving this three stars because it was slow to get into and not fun to read.


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