The Female of the Species by Mindy McGinnis

The Female of the Species  by Mindy McGinnis

This is a book that every high schooler should read. It deal with some very difficult topics but I think the discussions it provokes and has within are very important.  It has an unusual premise with the reader knowing about the crime and the crime already having happened. This is different than the characters discovering a crime or trying to prevent one. This allows the story to go in a different direction than normal. This is about the aftermath of rape and violence towards women. This shows the significance of it and how it affects not just the person that was affected but also the people around her. I found the story to be slow at first but as the characters got more in depth and the further into the story I got, the better and better it got. As I was getting further into it, I was afraid that there was going to be some annoying love triangles, but the author did not tarnish the story with those. The story felt more about the importance of relationships and they were romantic relationships, yes, but it was a proper and loving one that was not just the lovey-dovey kind that is often portrayed. This felt more real and relatable (even to someone who has never been in a relationship) I also felt that it set up a good model of a relationship showing the depth and respect behind them. The topics that this book discusses are very important and I think that it handles it well. Coupled with the unusual plot line, I would say that this would be a great way to introduce a high schooler into this discussion (it is most definitely not for middle schoolers).


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