Front Lines (Soldier Girl #1) by Michael Grant

Front Lines (Soldier Girl #1)  by Michael Grant

This is the type of book that I read the description of, put on my to-read list and then never see again… that is until a roommate at engineering camp happens to read it and finish it and lets me borrow it (which I am very grateful for). I have to say, this book is good. Not just good, when people compare something to great, but good as in a quality, solid good book. Calling it great would just not fit the type of book it is. It is for people who liked Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein and I am one of those. This is an alternate history of World War II if women were to be drafted. I think this is a really good book to start up discussions about women going into the more non traditional role. I think it is handled very well in this book from all of the characters, both from the female and male side, showing the actual views of the time. It not only discusses gender but race too. I really liked the character development and am sad to have to wait for the next book to come out. This story follows Rio, Frangie and Rainy, they are all part of the first wave of women in the army. They have to brave the African desert as they go out on their first mission. Although all their stories are separate, it is really interesting to see how they all come together especially as the characters are from so very different places. It was a little hard to get connected to the characters as the narrator jumps from person to person. But I did not realize how attached I became to the characters until it was over. As a whole the beginning and end were engaging and fast reads, the middle could be a little slow but it was not at all boring. This book did a great job of showing what war really is like at the front lines and gave me a whole new understanding of war. I love the mystery of who the narrator is and am still trying to piece together who she is.

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