I Was Here by Gayle Forman

I Was Here  by Gayle Forman

So, I recently went on a book buying splurge, with all of my saved up gift cards (especially because I was going on a spring break trip, which equals lots of reading time). And although I had been eyeing this book for awhile, I had never actually gotten it. It has made it almost to the cash register multiple times. But this time was different, it made it to the cash register and although this would be the type of book to then get buried in a to-read pile, I made a concerted effort to put it at the top. Towards the beginning I was not sure if it was worth it, but by the end I really liked it as a fluffy and enjoyable read. It had good discussions about suicide (a different angle then I had ever read about before) and with an appropriate amount of romance (although definitely enough to make this for high school age readers), but it was not the throw at a wall type of romance. I surprised myself as I rooted for Cody ( the main character) throughout her endeavors of finding out more about her best friend’s suicide along with her interest in Ben. I did not expect to become so invested. I would definitely recommend this as a light hearted romance with deep undertones , as it does get a sad because it is mostly about the repercussions of suicide.
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