The Girl With All the Gifts by M.R. Carey

The Girl With All the Gifts  by M.R. Carey

I started this book in the aisle of Target’s book section and then decided to take it home (after paying for it of course). Then I proceeded to read the whole book in a matter of two days. The thing is, it was not as good as it seemed. Although I did read it fast, it was more out of the abundance of reading time then the desire to read and finish the book. The back cover of the book leaves it open and mysterious but what I discovered is that it is basically a British zombie apocalypse book, with lots of symbolism and meaning. It was a good book that left me wanting more, but at the same time it was not engaging and did not suck me in. I really did like the ending and I found it to be unpredictable (which is something I value a lot in all of these types of books) but overall I can only say that it was okay, not great or good, just okay. I would recommend this to any apocalypse fans or even anyone out there looking for something to make them think about morals such as when is someone a person or when are they a test subject and what is the line. This is definitely for middle school and up, as it does reference some mature topics, but most of it is off page.

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