When I Was the Greatest by Jason Reynolds

When I Was the Greatest  by Jason Reynolds

I got this book from a giveaway. I was not expecting much from it, although the cover design made me curious. Now that I have read it, I understand the cover design (sort of) and find that this book was not what I expected. It was not a really good book, but it showed a really neat perspective that I have never read about before. It has to do with bullying, but not the typical type. In this book it dealt with the issue of bullying between brothers, when one of them had Tourette syndrome and would blurt out random cuss words and the way the other brother treated him. I really liked the way the book showed this and how it got resolved. I think that the book did a good job of showing this, although there were some things about the book that did not make sense. One of these things was the fact that it seemed like the characters just hung out all day, I was not sure if it was during school or if it was summer. There was not a lot of action and I only liked it towards the end. I think that it is a really neat and unique book that anybody could like.

When I Was the Greatest
by Jason Reynolds