The Heir (The Selection #4) by Kiera Cass

The Heir (The Selection #4)  by Kiera Cass

I loved the Selection Series, so when I heard that another one was coming out, I was very excited. But I can also truthfully say that I was also hesitant. I did not know where the story could go. To me The Selection Series had wrapped itself up very nicely and I was a little afraid that if it kept going, it would accidentally run itself into a wall. When I first started reading it, it seemed like it had done just that. I did not like the main character and things were just off slightly, but as I continued reading and got more invested, it got better. This book is about finding the balance between power and emotions for a women. This is a very tough topic at this time and I think that this book did a good job illustrating how hard it is to find that balance, but that it is there. In this book Eadlyn is the first born daughter of America and Maxon. She is the next in line to the throne. She will be the first female to rule. She has been brought up knowing this, so she has grown up to be assertive and decisive. She knows what she wants and she will get it. But this can maker her come off as selfish and stuck up. While these are not bad qualities to have, she also has to learn how to connect to other people. Throughout the book Eadlyn has to find this balance. At times it can be hard to read, because I personally do not enjoy reading about someone acting selfishly, but she grows on you as you see her character develop. One thing that I found I could relate too was Eadlyn’s social awkwardness. She does not realize when she is rude, she thought that she was being polite, I can really relate to that. I would recommend this book, even if you did not like The Selection Series, because it does a great job showing how hard it is for a women to be an assertive leader, but not being seen as bossy. I gave this book four stars because everything was good, I just found it slow at times because of Eadlyn’s selfishness towards the beginning.


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