I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson

I’ll Give You the Sun  by Jandy Nelson

I have been really afraid of reading this book for a very long time. I was afraid that it would be too hard to read about twins getting split up. But it was not as bad to read about as I thought it would have been. As you follow the story of Jude and Noah, you read their perspectives in present time and two years ago. You see how the things that happened to Noah when he was 13 affect Jude’s actions when she is 16. It could be a little confusing jumping back and forth to the two times, but it is really cool how everything lines up eventually. This story is just following Jude and Noah’s journey to becoming themselves. I think it did a really good job of showing how that can be hard being a twin. Being  a twin, I give this book a A- in getting the twin thing down. Another thing that I liked about this book is the way that it showed what it is to truly be an artist, it is not to like to paint and draw and sculpt, but to need to paint and draw and sculpt. This part really stuck with me along with other parts of the story even after I finished reading it. I would recommend this as a really good deep book, that makes you look at yourself and the people around you in a new light. I guess it could also be described as a coming of age story. I would say the age group could range from middle school to high school because those are the places that it takes place in the book (nothing lower then middle school due to some of the content). I give this book five stars because I really loved the story and how everything came together so nicely but not perfect. Also I am giving this book five stars because the way it stuck with me after I finished it.


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