Kindle vs. Real Book

Kindle vs. Real Book

Over this past semester in college there has been a lot of changes, moving across the country to college and switching over from real books to using a Kindle. We decided to make this change due to storage space in our dorm rooms and due to our shift in access to libraries.

We are going to go over some pros and cons of the Kindle to share about our experience with a kindle.


  • You can read anywhere, here are some examples:
    • Am I waiting in line at the grocery store? Yes. Do I have my phone with my kindle app in sync with my Kindle? Yes. Do I start reading? Yes.
    • Am I sitting eating my lunch at a restaurant? Yes. Are my hands dirty with crumbs that I would not want to get into my book? Yes. Can I still turn the page on my Kindle using just one crumb free finger? Yes.
    • Am I on the metro? Yes. Is it crowded with no place to sit? Yes. Can I balance my kindle in one hand and hold on for dear life in the other hand? Yes.
  •  The book access is instantaneous, I love the ability to put so many books on my holds and then they just flow onto my kindle as they become available. This helps solve my problem of knowing what to read next and it is like a traffic control version of going to the library and checking out twenty books and not having enough time to finish all before they are due.
  • The Kindle fits in most pockets. Here are some examples:
    • Is it snowing outside? Yes. Do I want to bring a bag with me? No. Do I want books with me? Yes. Does my Kindle fit in my coat pocket? YES! (This can also be repeated for rain).
    • I am going to a pep band game? Yes. Am I waiting for it to start? Yes. Did I bring anything other than my kindle, trumpet, and jacket? No. Did my Kindle fit in my jacket pocket? Yes! (although towards the end of the season, my kindle app on my phone replaced this method).
  • Another amazing feature of my Kindle is the backlight that lets me read regardless of the lighting.
    • Am I on an airplane? Yes. Is it dark on the airplane because everyone is asleep except for me? Yes. Can I still read on my Kindle? Yes!
    • Am I in a dorm room with a roommate? Yes. Did my roommate turn off the lights and is now trying to sleep? Yes. Can I still read on my Kindle? Yes!
  • I always love it when a piece of technology allows me to change the font size. I always like a really big font on my phone, computer and kindle. This means when I take my glasses off I can still read it. Font size is just one thing, but for people with physical disabilities or other issues that make it hard to read/hold a book, a Kindle makes it a lot easier. It is just either a swipe or a press of a button. Kindles also weigh significantly less than a book, making them easier to hold up.


  • When all the library books come at the same exact time, they all expire at the same exact time and are therefore impossible to read before getting returned.
  • Some of the formatting is messed up on a Kindle. When I was reading The Speaker by Traci Chee, it has a lot of cool images and formatting tidbits as there is a book within a book, and I felt that I missed out a lot of this when I was reading it on my Kindle.
  • MAPS. This is a huge issue, when a fantasy book or any book has a map, I like to be able to flip back, look it over and just enjoy it whenever I open the book. But when there is a map in a book that I am reading on my kindle, it always shows up very small and I can only look through it when I start it, because my Kindle always just opens to the most recent page.
  • Similar to my issue with maps, it is really hard to flip back to more than five pages forward and backward.  There is a feature that will put nine pages on display at once, but even with this option it is always hard to flip back far enough. I always enjoy flipping back to refresh myself on a comment a character made and with my Kindle I find it almost impossible to do that.


It has many great aspects but I still miss reading physical books. There are some books that are just better to read by holding it in your hands. And it is up to you to decide how you want to read, but maybe our experience will make you consider using a kindle or electronic reading device!