If I Lie by Corrine Jackson

If I Lie  by Corrine Jackson

I got this book from a giveaway. My first impression of it was not very good. I did not expect much of it and did not look forward to reading it. When I finally got around to reading it, I was pleasantly surprised. This book had a very interesting plot that keeps you guessing the whole time. It involves bullying and it shows how friendships can be tested in so many ways. Sophie’s boyfriend Carey goes off to war, but before he leaves he tells her a secret that he asks her to keep until he gets back. Carey does not know how this secret will affect Sophie, and then he goes MIA. While following Sophie through the ins and outs of her senior year with this secret this book shows the true boundary of friendship and how ugly bullying can be. I enjoyed reading it because the story was interesting it is never boring.

If I Lie
by Corrine Jackson