The Misfits (The Misfits, #1) by James Howe

The Misfits (The Misfits, #1)  by James Howe

I got this book as a give away for no name calling week. This book is  where no name calling week came from. I found this book to be boring. I had a hard time picking it up to read it. It is about a group, they call themselves the gang of five, even though there are only four people in their group. They do not fit in with the rest of the student body. When it is time for elections for student council, the gang of five believe that they can do something about all of the name calling if they put themselves up on the ballot. This book is very interesting showing the thought process of a middle schooler, and it shows a neat perspective about bullying, but it is really slow. This book reminded me of the breakfast club.

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