Molly Booth

Molly Booth

We both read and loved Molly Booth’s book, Saving Hamlet!  We reached out and had the opportunity to interview her.

Molly Booth is a writer, graduate student, and author of SAVING HAMLET (2016) and NOTHING HAPPENED (spring 2018).  She holds a BA in writing and literature from Marlboro College, and is now an English MA candidate at University of Massachusetts Boston. She writes books about Shakespeare and feelings, with the hope of empowering young people. She lives in Massachusetts and has almost too many pets. Almost. You can follow her on twitter (@mollygbooth), tumblr (, and visit her on her website:

Here is our interview with her:



What is a book that you would recommend?

I just read the 2017 debut SIREN SISTERS by Dana Langer, my dear friend (we have the same literary agent!). It’s about the youngest sister in a family of sirens, who’s about to turn 13 and inherit her powers. The story is beautiful, and emphasizes sisterhood, and the main character, Lolly, feels remarkably real. I highly recommend it!!

What do you use as a bookmark (or are you an ebook person)? 

I use pretty much everything but actual book marks — mail, pens, tea bag packages, etc., anything that’s lying around next to me. It’s not a pretty system xD. I do also dog ear my own books’ pages, which I know makes a lot of people cringe, but I don’t mind.

Do you read multiple books at a time?

Yes! I’m always in the middle of at least 2, often 3 or 4. Most of the time one takes over though, and I have to finish it before going back to the others.

How did you get started writing?

In middle school, I wrote a soap opera for my friends to perform, called “Everyone Loves Bernard.” It was so much fun, I couldn’t stop writing scripts after that! But I didn’t start writing fiction (stories and books) until college.

If you could live in any world, magic or science fiction, what would it be and why (example: Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, Star Trek, etc.)?

Definitely the Kingdom of Tortall, from Tamora Pierce’s fantasy books. Feminism, magic, all kinds of talking creatures… and mostly happy endings. I’m all there.

What is your favorite desert?

Lemon squares!!

Did you plan on being an author? If not what did you originally plan to do?

I did not. For a long time, I trained to be a professional ballerina. I gave that up halfway into school, when I realized I wanted to used my creativity differently. Briefly I wanted to be an actor, and then for a while I wanted to be a theatre director, then a screenwriter, and then I landed on writing in general. Right now, I’m in graduate school to learn more about teaching and editing. 

Do you miss your characters when you finish writing a book?

So much! The characters I write end up feeling like friends that I get to know better and better throughout the drafting process. I really miss writing the characters from SAVING HAMLET, but now I get to see and hear about readers connecting with them, which is wonderful ten times over.  

What is your favorite bookstore?

There are so many fabulous bookstores, this is super hard! But I do love Brookline Booksmith in Boston a great deal, and I highly recommend checking them out 🙂 Their Harry Potter event last summer was a blast!

Did you read Hamlet or another Shakespeare play in High School or college? If so, did your opinion or interpretation change since then?

I first read HAMLET as a sophomore in college, and then again as a senior. The first time I read it, I was really taken in by Hamlet’s madness. I think the biggest thing that changed for me, studying it again later, was coming to understand that the play is so much about grief. 

When writing is there a genre of music you like to listen to? Or is there a special thing you do to get in the zone?

Sometimes I listen to music, usually instrumental electronic. Most of the time though, I trick myself into the zone: I force myself to go to my computer, and then set a timer for 20 minutes or so. I tell myself I only have to write until the timer dings. But when it does go off, I’m so into the story I usually ignore it.

How do you go about picking books to read? Is it the trendy one, by the cover, back cover?

I have a never-ending TBR list (I try to keep track on Goodreads), so usually I’ll pick something from that. Sometimes I read a review or hear about a book from friends, and I just have to read it right then, and then the TBR gets tossed aside momentarily.

If you were to travel back in time to the Globe, which Shakespeare play would you like to watch?

ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA. I wrote my college thesis on it, and I just so badly want to see it in the original conditions. 🙂

Have you ever been a stage manger for a play? Have you ever had a “Fog Machine Incident”?

Yes! I was a stage manager for most of high school and some into college, for various community theatres in Massachusetts. The Fog Machine incident is actually a true story, but it was a show my sibling worked on, not me. I have totally messed up backstage big time and flubbed things, so I know how rotten it feels! In the end though, all of these mess ups make for hilarious stories in retrospect — it’s all part of being in theatre.

Her next book comes out in the spring of 2018 Nothing Happened and we can’t wait to read it!