The Notorious Pagan Jones (Pagan Jones, #1) by Nina Berry

The Notorious Pagan Jones (Pagan Jones, #1)  by Nina Berry

Even though I am a fan of World War II and historical fiction, I have never really read much about what happens after.  But this book gave me the chance. In this book, we follow Pagan, a Hollywood movie star as she tries to get her life back together after a tragic accident. She is offered the second chance of a lifetime, but it is in Berlin where everything is very tense due to the Russian occupied East Germany and the American occupied West Germany. One thing that I really commend this book for is sneaking history into what would otherwise be considered a fluffy novel. Also, as someone who is not into acting or drama, the characters really did a good job of showing me what it is to act and how some people can really become a character. It was overall really good and I would recommend this as a way to sneak some history into an otherwise fluffy reader’s queue.


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