Replica (Replica #1) by Lauren Oliver

Replica (Replica #1)  by Lauren Oliver

This book has a really neat premise. With two sides of the story told at the same time. As the reader you can chose to read them one at a time or back and forth. I chose to read it one at a time and that made the second time through with the other story boring. I would recommend reading both stories at the same time by alternating chapters. Although the mechanics of it might require two bookmarks, I think it would add more depth to each story. But I am not sure if that would make up for it, because not much happened within the story. It just seemed like one giant introduction and that might be a result of the way the one book only had room for half a story because the story is just being told twice. In this book, there are the two parallel stories of Gemma and Lyra. Neither are looking for the other, but what they know about each other is more then the other wants to know. This is a science fiction mystery romance story that would appeal to middle schoolers and high schoolers alike. I find that the main characters Gemma and Lyra are relatable, sometimes to a fault, but both are honest and genuine in their feelings and attitudes without making the book super frustrating. Although the story can be dull I would recommend this on the premise that the idea is cool and what is there of the story is good, and I hope that the second one can pull it together.


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