The Scorpion Rules by Erin Bow

The Scorpion Rules  by Erin Bow

As soon as I read the back, I was interested, but not quite sure what to make of it. I am glad that I took a chance on it though because I really liked it. In this book, the world had been thrown into chaos due to climate change. So Talis takes control and because Talis is artificial intelligence, that means he does not put human life as a priority. He is willing to destroy entire cities to get peace. Keeping peace is harder, but Talis has a solution. Every world leader has to give their child up as a hostage until the child has come of age to rule. But until then, they are a hostage and if their country instigates a war, then the child is sacrificed. This makes world leaders very reluctant to start wars and therefore lowers the threat of war. You follow Greta and she is a child of peace (what the hostages are called) and she has prepared for her death her entire life. But when a new child of peace arrives, she realizes that death is not her only option. There are a lot of things that I really like about this book, one thing being, how despite there being a romance it is an unusual one and it does not take over the whole story. This book is really cool because it also has a lot of foreign policy stuff in it. Which is really interesting and easy to follow. I think it is a great introduction to foreign policy and all those types of things. I loved the ending, it was conclusive, unpredictable yet hopeful and endearing. There is so much symbolism and it would be a great book club book. I am giving this five stars because it was easy reading and very interesting yet unpredictable. It also had a whole new take on dystopian, everybody talks about world domination by robots, but no one ever actually does it, until now.


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