Shackled by Tom Leveen

Shackled  by Tom Leveen

When I read the back of this book, I got chills, thinking about the potential of this book. I really hoped that it would be pulled off because it had such potential. When I first started to read it, I was finding that maybe it would not be able to pull it off and that I was wrong about it, but the further in I got, the better it became. It was not as great as I wanted it to be, but ultimately it was able to uphold to my high expectations. This book is about Pelly, she has panic attacks and finds it hard to be outside of her house. But she wants to get back to a regular life where she would be able to get out with friends and go back to high school instead of online school. Pelly decides the first step to achieving a normal life again is to get out of her house, to do that she gets a job at a little hole in the wall coffee shop. This is a safe place for her to start to re-enter the world, that is until she thinks she sees her friend that was kidnapped six years ago. Seeing this girl throws Pelly back into the cycle of survivors guilt and what she could have done to help her friend. Pelly decides that this time, she will do something, so, with the help of a new friend she sets out to right the wrong she believes that she did six years ago. I think that this book does a really good job illustrating what it is like to have panic attacks and mental issues and how the person does not control or chose to have them, but that it is something that needs to be worked through and can be helped with. As I said before, I feel the book did not reach its full potential but it did a really great job at trying for it. One part that is really great about this book is the ending, it was conclusive and satisfying even though every problem was not solved. It is refreshing to not just have a typical fairy tale ending where everything goes back to normal. I think that this book also caters to people who are looking for a little bit of adventure even though they do not have super powers or know how to use magic. But the idea that a normal person can also go on an adventure, like Pelly was able too. I give this book four stars because the story and ending were really good, but it is a little hard to get into.


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