The Shadow of the Wind (The Cemetery of Forgotten Books, #1) by Carlos Ruiz Zafón

The Shadow of the Wind (The Cemetery of Forgotten Books, #1)  by Carlos Ruiz Zafón

This is the type of book that makes me feel like I am reading a real piece of literature and am being cultured just by carrying it around. But I also felt a lack of interest in it as it was slow and never was fully able to pull me in. I liked pieces of it, the writing style and parallel stories but there were other parts that just pushed me away from connecting with the characters. Especially the fact that there was so much blatant sexism being pushed from all sides by all characters. This upset me, and made it harder to get invested in the book, but I can understand were it is coming from, as it is being appropriate for that time considering it is historical fiction. It is just important for the reader to note this and therefore think about these messages critically. On top of that I had a difficult time figuring out what the story was about. Even now that I have finished it, I am not sure how to describe it. I would say that it is a post World War II Barcelona love story that also involves a mysterious author and tons of hidden secrets, with murder and more. I would recommend this to someone looking for an interesting and different type of book. I can not argue on how good the writing is and I would say if you liked The Bookman’s Tale you would like this. Also just a note, this is definitely for high school and up with some of the romantic discussions and implications.


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