Silence by Deborah Lytton

Silence  by Deborah Lytton

I found this book at Powell’s on a trip to Oregon. Powell’s is amazing and has a huge selection of books. At first it was hard to find a book because there were so many different options, but because it is Powell’s there is always a book for everyone. This was the first one that called out to me there, so I decided to get it. It is about Stella, she is a singer but after a horrible accident can no longer hear. This is devastating to Stella, but she soon finds hope in a new boy. This new boy Hayden has a stutter, but this stutter allowed them to communicate in ways Stella is not able to with anyone else. When I first started this book, I did not really like it. It was slow and I was not interested in the romance part of it. But as I continued reading it got much better. It was not that there was anything wrong with the romance part, I just am not a fan of that style. One thing that I really liked about Stella was how she found a positive aspect to losing her hearing. There are a lot of other books where the main character loses their sight or hearing and spends half of the book moping in their self pity. I really like how Stella brings herself up so fast. Of course she can be sad for herself, I just really appreciate that it did not take half of the book to realize that she was going to be okay. I would recommend this to anyone who liked Blind by Rachel DeWoskin. Another aspect of this book is that it dealt with parental abuse. I gave this book three stars because I did not like the romance part of it (it was all PG though), otherwise I would have given it four stars. Everything else about it was good.


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