Skin and Bones by Sherry Shahan

Skin and Bones  by Sherry Shahan

I fully believe that mental illness should be talked about more, therefore I try to read as many books about it as possible. This book offers a totally unique perspective on one mental illness in particular, a guy who has an eating disorder. Up until this point I have only read about girls with eating disorders and I think that it is very important that something as stigmatized as mental illness does not get stereotyped to just one type of person, because that would be invalidating and ignoring the experiences of others. This book does a great job of giving these unique perspectives on mental illness. On top of that it also goes into the different types of eating disorders, not just anorexia or bulimia but compulsive eating too. This job does a great job of breaking down stereotypes. And just like the stereotypes it is teaching us to not believe, this book should be judged by its cover. By that I mean, even though it looks as if it is for younger readers with the bright colors and cartoonish drawing, it is definitely for high schoolers, as it is a love story. As Bones gets is admitted to an Eating Disorder program at the Eating Disorder Unit in the Hospital, he comes into himself as accepting of his body and falling in love. He makes lifelong friends along the way and learns an important lesson about life. Despite it doing a good job of breaking down barriers for discussion and stereotypes, I found the love story to be one mainly of lust, not love and there were times were it felt that two plus two did not equal four. But other than that, it was a fast and easy read that was enjoyable and informative.


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