The Sun Is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon

The Sun Is Also a Star  by Nicola Yoon

There is something slightly magical about this book. Everything takes place is one day, and the potential of just one day, with no implication of before and after makes it more special than just a regular day. The day that this book describes is a big day for both Daniel and Natasha. Daniel has a college interview for Yale and Natasha is being deported later that night. They meet randomly on the street and decide to use their big days with each other, instead of with the rules. This book is intoxicating to read as the tangled lives of everyday people create an intricate web around Natasha and Daniel. This is the type of book that just made me happy to read and it makes it easier to see some of the joy in the real world too. When I finished the book I was sad to leave the lives of Natasha and Daniel, but it also heartwarming for the potential for their world to become our world, if only for one day.


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