Switch (Savvy, #3) by Ingrid Law

Switch (Savvy, #3)  by Ingrid Law

A long time ago I read the beginning of this trilogy, Savvy and Scumble. I was happy to see that there was another one, even though it had been quite a few years in-between. In that time, I felt I had grown out of the age appropriate level for this book, but I could not help reading it, because I remembered how much I liked Savvy. Gypsy has an unusual family, where everybody gets a savvy, a special power, on their thirteenth birthday. But what Gypsy got is not what she had hoped for, and as things get even worse, such as having her grumpy grandma move in with them, things end up switched. As everything that happens starts developing in uncharted territories, even Gypsy’s parents cannot help. I found this book to be a sweet coming of age story, it is definitely for someone younger then me. One thing that I did not like about this book was how stressful it was to read. It was one of those books where the characters spend the whole time trying to prevent something, which can be very stressful and frustrating for the reader. Overall, I give this book four stars because it book is good, it just is not great.


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