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Threads  by Ami Polonsky

This book started out a little slow and at times it felt fragmented, but that might have been because Harry Potter and the Cursed Child came out while I was reading it so I put it down for the two days it took me to finish that book. That being said I loved the way the author intertwined the two stories of the two girls. In this book,  Clara is still in shock over her sister Lola. Lola has recently died, and so Clara has been withdrawing from everyone around her. That is until she finds a note asking for help from a girl in China who is stuck working in a factory. For once Clara feels connected to someone again, even if that person is all the way on a different continent. Clara feels that it is her destiny to help this girl and as she does everything that she can Yuming is also actively working to on her part to free herself too. This is a great book for coping with death and I really loved all the symbolism that came up in this book. It is a small book but it was slow reading. One thing that made me like the book and dislike it at the same time was the way that all the loose ends were not tied up. This I appreciate because it seems too clean when books tie up every single loose end, while at the same time because every other book does clean up the loose ends, it made me feel like I was missing something even though the book had ended. I would recommend this as a good book about coping with death.


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