Virals (Virals, #1) by Kathy Reichs & Brendan Reichs

Virals (Virals, #1)  by Kathy Reichs & Brendan Reichs

I have recently started watching the TV show Bones on FOX. When I found out there were books that went along with it, I knew I just had to read them. Even though this is the YA version, it was still cool to have the TV characters referenced.

In this book, Tory Brennan is living with her father in South Carolina. The only thing is, she just met her father. Tory had to recently move in with him, due to a tragic accident that her Mom had. As Tory adjusts to her new life, she discovers secrets to Loggerhead Research Facility were her father works. With her new group of friends, they uncover secrets and are changed by them. This is a science fiction book and reminds me of Maximum Ride with the experimental laboratories. I would recommend this book if you liked Maximum Ride or Alex Rider. The writing of the book seemed simplistic to me. I am not sure if this is Kathy Reichs first time writing for YA (she normally writes adult), but I think she simplified it too much. Another thing that I did not like was how everything was too easy for Tory and her friends. Everything just fell into place. There were also aspects of the book that just appeared, there was no development to that part of the story. Even though I have some problems with the writing, the book was overall good. The ending was interesting and it was a fast and easy read. I was able to sit and read it for hours (was on an airplane) and not get bored. I gave this four stars, because I liked it and it had a good story, I just felt that it was a little too simplistic in the writing and plot development.