Warcross (Warcross #1) by Marie Lu

Warcross (Warcross #1)  by Marie Lu

One thing that Marie Lu is undeniably good at is world building. Within the first few pages of Warcross, she has built a whole new world on a type of technology that no one has been able to imagine yet. The beginning is a little bit of a rough transition into the world, as this new technology, the NeuroLink, has been fully integrated into the world so it takes a little bit to understand how it fits and works within society. After that initial bumpiness the world is flawless, I loved following around Emika as a hacker and a bounty hunter. Everything about this story was so perfect. Emika finds herself working for the creator of the NeuroLink and a competitor in the world championship Warcross games. This is a stunning transformation of life for Emika who was about to be evicted from her apartment when she accidently hacked her way into the opening game of the championships and landed herself this new dream job. Everything about this book is so perfect, the NeuroLink has so much potential in its uses and the ways it changes the world of the users and I loved see the tiny glimpses of how they change society, just like we don’t realize the small ways technology has changed us. Marie Lu is perfectly able to integrate the new technology into her world to create a lifelike world for us to discover. Despite the fact that I had a looming math exam and huge essay due, I still read this book crazy fast, because it was impossible to put down. This book is so good that it even made me break my rule, as I normally try not to read great books before an exam, so I don’t get distracted. Well this book was so good that I had to break the rule. I am very upset that I have to wait until the next book comes out because this ending is mystifying. I was slightly disappointed that I was able to predict the ending, but it still has a good cliffhanger.


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