Winter (The Lunar Chronicles, #4) by Marissa Meyer

Winter (The Lunar Chronicles, #4)  by Marissa Meyer

This is the fourth book in the Lunar Chronicles, and so as I picked it up, I was not sure that I remembered everything as it has been a while since the third one came out. But my fears were for nothing as this book did a good job of giving enough context to those that had been away from the story for some time, while also being able to pick up right were it left off. Cinder has a plan to defeat Queen Levana and with her friends, she sets it into motion. But she comes across some unexpected allies such as Winter, Queen Levana’s stepdaughter. This book has some unexpected turns and solutions with everything happening very fast. As a whole this book was really good and fast paced. My only criticism for it, is it reached its climax too soon in the book with the ending getting slow and  dragging itself out. Even though Winter had just been introduced to the series in just this book, I really liked her and her character development. Her character would do a great job of opening up conversation about mental illness (although it is not exactly like mental illness as she has more of a choice while people with mental illness in real life do not (but the way she is treated by others is the part that would be good to start conversations)). Another aspect that I really liked about this book was the parallel stories to fairy tales and other great symbolism. Even though this is a dystopian series, I think it could be really interesting to read in a classroom or a book club (the fourth one specifically). Another aspect that makes it good for discussion is on how it deals with the issue of discrimination, opening up conversations on that and how fast oppression can shift. This is a book that I would be happy to discuss with anyone as I have lots  to say and some  theoretical questions about the ending.


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